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Brainwashed Infertile Mothers

Aliah Jordan: SMBK Member

Taken from the Official SMBK Site: "Her friend recommended her to receive the "Spiritual Art of Divine Light," and it became a trigger for her. She felt something while receiving the divine light and received it regularly. She was actually diagnosed that she wouldn't have anymore children, but she persistently received divine light and conceived a very healthy baby. She received such a big miracle.
She is now enthusiastically expanding spiritual movement under the guidance of our instructors even though there is no center in her area. Her goal is to improve herself and share her joy with her neighbors."

I saw this today and it got me a little! VERY frazzeled! I have a similar situation with my aunt. My Aunt Natalie was told by doctors that she would never be able to have children...that she had a high number of sperm antibodies and the chances of her conceiving naturally was like...7%. Okay...well, my Aunt was a member of SM 3 years before she received this news...she dropped out of SM and immediately afterwards she somehow managed to get pregnant.

Now, naturally the brainwashed kumite in her said, "Hmm...maybe this is a sign from God that I need to be in SM. I had hardly a chance of conceiving and now, when I leave God has shown me a miracle and clearly wants me to go back." She attributes her sons birth to SM's okiyome and is now a devoted member just like my mom and dad.

It makes me sick when people try and attribute everything positive that happens to them to okiyome...what about the bad stuff....maybe God was saying to my aunt, "Now that you have left that money-sucking cult; I'll give you the child you so desperately desired." But NO! Kumite don't see it like that...they get sucked into believing that sitting on their knees and wasting their life is doing something beneficial for them.

It makes me so angry!


Blogger Darcy said...

I was one of those mother's once. When I first got married I was constantly pressured by members to start having children and bring seed people into the world. It's funny, SM does not see children as children, merely as another outlet to radiate okiyome.

Anyways, I was a junvenile diabetic when I was young and I was always told by my doctors that children weren't possible; that my kidneys would not hold up. I was heart broken by this, which was one of the reasons I was easily lured into SM by my friend.

Well...after I got married my husband and I tried to adopt, but unfortunately adoption agencies would not consider giving a child to someone with my medical my only option of ever having children was to have them naturally...

Due to pressure from Kumite as well as my own husband and I started trying to conceive.

I remember Kumite saying that even if having a child killed me, I would have still given God the ultimate gift. I started receiving okiyome to my kidneys and got pregnant very quickly. I delivered my son 9 months later.

Unfortunately, my kidneys were worn out and I was sick for a long time. Despite all the suffering I went through to have my son I still attributed the successful birth to okiyome even though my body was hardly sailing through recovery.

I just had my second baby and I am once again completely worn out...and Ashlyn was 2 months I think I am done with babies for good...but when you're in SM you're told that everything positive in your life is a result of the light.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Did anyone stop to think that maybe, just maybe, THE REAL GOD is protecting and helping people with their desires DESPITE their participation in these cults? Certainly HE knows all of our struggles, and even our mistakes in wanting to be like Him...

This is also another fine example of the Mahikari's having no Divine Science to prove their assertions...

12:13 PM  
Blogger jiKbU! said...

Hi, I'm a (confused) member too, I just want to know how did you cope with your family pressures (like did your parents object to you or anything) after u decided to leave?

4:14 AM  
Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

I saw this and thought I might contribute. My parents were very unsupportive of my leaving. They made it very difficult until I put my foot down and left. It's very hard for parents to cope when their children are having doubts because Sm teaches that they have failed as parents and kumite if their children do not grow up to be strong kumite fighting the good fight against all the non-members. It is going to be very hard for you when you decide to leave, but when you do your soul will be free because you won't be caught between the lies; practicing something you do not believe in. I remember feeling like such a hypocrite...going to dojo on monthly ceremonies and telling new visitors how great okiyome and SM are despite my inner doubts. Maybe I should have told them to do their research before they made a serious commitment. At any rate my heart was hurting because I felt like such a dirty little liar. Finally I had to leave. It was especially hard recently when I decided to get baptized and my parents refused to come and support me.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

jikbu!, my case my mom was more supportive than my dad...and I use the word supportive loosely. My mom wasn't as upset as my dad was. He kept saying that the information I had read was unreliable because it was written by non-believers who had obviously been possessed by dark entities and who had clearly never experienced anything mysterious.

My dad is the most hard-core person in my family so it was, and still is, very difficult. We have a Goshintai in my house and I never bow to it or show it respect when I pass...this causes controversy because my father says that as long as I live under his roof I will respect his religion and that means bowing to the Goshintai. The funny thing is that he doesn't take into account, that even if SM teachings were true, does he really think God would support me bowing to a shrine against my will. He knows what I think and he knows my heart so wouldn't he be well aware of the hypocrisy of me bowing to a shrine I didn't believe in?

The weird thing about kumite parents is that most of the time it isn't about whether you leave or stay...more so it matters about how they are going to look at dojo. I know that Asher's mother still has not told a lot of people at dojo that he has left, because she fears the negative attitude she is going to receive from members.

In the end I say you have to go with your heart. If it feels wrong it probably is. One thing I tell most people who ask me about this is that there is nothing so mysterious that an answer cannot be supplied. God gives us the answers, it's up to us to seek and find, knock and the door will be opened. SM claims that when you do not understand it is because you are not elivated enough...well, what of the kumite who attend dojo every day and still do not have the answers?

Trust your heart. It may hurt your parents, but in the end they are going to love you no matter what. If you stick to your guns and don't look back they will have no choice, but to eventually accept it.

8:53 AM  
Blogger barb michelen said...

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Blogger Amanda said...

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