Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brainwashed Infertile Mothers

Aliah Jordan: SMBK Member

Taken from the Official SMBK Site: "Her friend recommended her to receive the "Spiritual Art of Divine Light," and it became a trigger for her. She felt something while receiving the divine light and received it regularly. She was actually diagnosed that she wouldn't have anymore children, but she persistently received divine light and conceived a very healthy baby. She received such a big miracle.
She is now enthusiastically expanding spiritual movement under the guidance of our instructors even though there is no center in her area. Her goal is to improve herself and share her joy with her neighbors."

I saw this today and it got me a little! VERY frazzeled! I have a similar situation with my aunt. My Aunt Natalie was told by doctors that she would never be able to have children...that she had a high number of sperm antibodies and the chances of her conceiving naturally was like...7%. Okay...well, my Aunt was a member of SM 3 years before she received this news...she dropped out of SM and immediately afterwards she somehow managed to get pregnant.

Now, naturally the brainwashed kumite in her said, "Hmm...maybe this is a sign from God that I need to be in SM. I had hardly a chance of conceiving and now, when I leave God has shown me a miracle and clearly wants me to go back." She attributes her sons birth to SM's okiyome and is now a devoted member just like my mom and dad.

It makes me sick when people try and attribute everything positive that happens to them to okiyome...what about the bad stuff....maybe God was saying to my aunt, "Now that you have left that money-sucking cult; I'll give you the child you so desperately desired." But NO! Kumite don't see it like that...they get sucked into believing that sitting on their knees and wasting their life is doing something beneficial for them.

It makes me so angry!